After Euro , what Next?

Redkey F10 have already Launch in Euro for 2weeks, For selling 100+ per day in aliexpress, EBay and our online shop. RedKey F10 will finally sell in Amazon at early July with The Price of $1xx.

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Why RedKey F10?

Lot of different vacuum in the market, but why F10? Here may have few reason for why have to buy RedKey F10.

  1. Foldable + Cordless

RedKey F10 as the star product for Redkey, Foldable + Cordless would allow you to clean the floor easily.

  1. 3 Layers HEPA filter

Second hand  pollution are the most concern by Vacuum user, however, RedKey F10 have 3 layers of Hepa Filter, which would help filter out most of the virus, pm2.5 etc.


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