After Launch | Who recommend RedKey F10?

RedKey F10 has already start launch in Euro for a month, lots of YouTubers have recommended RedKey F10 in their channel, Lets see who have recommended RedKey F10 (10 of them) :
 1. (147K followers)
2. Sabrin Amiri (175K followers)
3. Mateusz Krawczyk (349K followers)
4. Tecvideos Tv (1.08 million followers)
5. Familia Tutti vlog (66.9K followers)
6. Dream Play ASMR (92.8K followers)
7. GiosephTheGamer (718K followers)
8. Otto Climan (180K followers)
9. TestHubPL  (178K followers)
10. LaoWei (172K Followers)
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