REVOLUTION of Household cleaning | A Vacuum Cleaner That Mops

Is there a vacuum cleaner that also mops? Yes! Redkey CLEAN ELITE W12 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner - A vacuum cleaner that mops, can even clean itself. Redkey CLEAN ELITE W12 revolutionizes cleaning and fills the mop washing problem that traditional cleaning tools (Mops) does. It’s not hard to save time, that can't hide happiness.

A Vacuum Cleaner That Mops 

The mopping pad of Redkey CLEAN ELITE W12 is constantly cleaned as you vacuum and mop. Some people may be confused about this: "If the vacuum can clean both wet and dry waste, then the it's roller brush will get contaminated during the cleaning process and may cause the floor behind it to get dirtier and dirtier? ". Not so. I've to said, "That won't happen in Redkey CLEAN ELITE W12". Our dual tank system works continuously while you are washing the floor. The mopping pad is constantly cleaned as you vacuum and mop to make the floor cleaner.

   It’s amazing that you don't have to carry around a bucket to clean your mop while you mop. Just let  Redkey CLEAN ELITE W12 to take care of the garbage by itself.

Self-cleaning button

After you’ve completed all the cleaning process, you don’t need to remove the roller brush. All you have to do 2-step 1. Put the machine in the charging station 2. press the Self Cleaning button. And the Redkey CLEAN ELITE W12 will clean the brush by itself. It only takes about 1 minute. After all is processed, open the cover, take out the clean roller brush and dry it. Replace the spare roller brush (will be also included in the package) . All the tasks are done , you can enjoy your time.

If you have to face the wet cleaning process every day, with kids and pets at home. You can use the Redkey CLEAN ELITE W12. It’s definitely a life changer, keeping everything clean for you!