Start sale in Amazon & Aliexpress Redkey W12

Since Wet &Dry Vacuum Cleaner have become a trend in Euro side, Redkey are going to launch W12 Lightweight Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner in Amazon.DE on 17th January for €239 . For Aliexpress, the launch SALE start at 28th January.

Amazon (Germany)
Launch SALE Start: 17th January,2022
Price : €239

Buy Redkey Clean Elite W12 Lightweight Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner in Amazon
Redkey Official store will also have discount for Redkey W12 Lightweight Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner check following infromation for the discount
Discount Peroid : 16th January - 26th January
Discount Code : W12EUROSALE
Discount : $40 and free shipping in european countries