Function dispatch | Part 2 | Redkey F10 handheld cordless foldable vacuum cleaner

Redkey F10 handheld cordless foldable vacuum cleaner are the first cordless foldable vacuum cleaner luanch by RedKey, as the flagship product of   RedKey, Here’s the things that you may know bout F10.

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1. Smart Dust Sensor

Except of folding, RedKey F10 have another staring function Smart Dust Sensor, with the smart dust sensor, RedKey F10 can determine that how many dust will Inhale, Smart Dust Sensor will automatically change the suction. That function could stop and open manually.

smart dust sensor.png

2. Super Suction Power

Redkey F10 have 23Kpa of suction power, it would allow you to clean different type of dust in the carpet, floor crevices and corners.

suction power.png

3. Elastic disassemble

The roller of RedKey are easy to remove and reducing the risk of finger injury


4. One button Dust dumping

RedKey F10 including 0.6L large dust cup, with the   large dust cup, you can detachable it by just one button, avoid raising dust and dirtying hands

1 button dust dump.png

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