RWHT 2023: Redkey presents attractive cleaning products in Moscow

On April 11, RWHT 2023 kicked off in full swing at the Moscow International Convention and Exhibition Center. Showcasing the world's latest leaders in consumer electronics, sports and outdoor, small household appliances, automotive electronics and other fields. In addition to major well-known brands, the exhibition site also attracted about 100,000 business leaders and professional audiences from various countries around the world, and the scene was very lively.

Redkey, a market innovation expert specializing in deep cleaning, presented a variety of key products. Redkey's innovative products not only attracted a large number of dealers and technology enthusiasts to visit, but also attracted well-known media and Internet celebrities. They came to the Redkey showroom one after another and experienced Redkey's latest products about whole house cleaning, deep cleaning, and smart cleaning.

Redkey W12 Pro all-round wet and dry vacuum cleaner unveiled at RWHT 2023

At the exhibition, the most popular product among visitors was the W12 Pro all-round wet and dry vacuum cleaner—one machine with multiple functions, which can clean the whole house! The machine integrates sweeping, mopping, and washing functions. It can not only clean the floor, but also clean glass, fabric (sofa, curtain..), carpet, and deep cleaning in small spaces.

Thanks to the innovative design, a variety of brush heads suitable for different scenarios, and the support of the M-Dolphin cleaning algorithm, W12 Pro can easily meet the cleaning needs of every complex scene.

The W12 Pro is equipped with a dual-engine drive brushless digital motor. When cleaning, the rotation speed reaches 60000RPM per minute, and the suction power of 11kpa bursts out, which can effectively clean stubborn stains. Not only that, the machine applies a patented edge design to achieve all-round cleaning. After the cleaning is completed, the one-key self-cleaning function cleans the roller brush 450 times per minute to ensure that the roller brush is clean.

Many visitors said: "This is the best cleaning tool I have ever seen. As long as you have it, you can clean all the things in your home.", "It's unbelievable, it's really worry-free to use one machine for multiple purposes"...

The "King of Suction" P9 wireless vacuum cleaner attracts visitors to stop

Also attracting the attention of visitors is the Redkey P9 cordless vacuum cleaner. The unique feature of P9 is that it has a large suction of 30K Pa, which can easily pick up steel balls. Equipped with a new generation of electric brush heads, it can achieve "tornado instant suction" dust removal. 

The powerful P9 wireless vacuum cleaner can thoroughly clean the dust on the ground, even the dust hidden in the crevices of the floor can be cleaned instantly.

Visitors were pleasantly surprised that such a powerful device cost half the price of equivalent models on the market.

The P7 Plus wireless vacuum cleaner that can automatically collect dust is very popular among young people

"This is a cleaning device full of technology. I really like it..." At the exhibition, many young people sighed after seeing the Redkey P7 Plus wireless vacuum cleaner.

P7 Plus is equipped with a base station that can collect dust, charge and store in one. After the cleaning is completed, the 1800W powerful motor can quickly and automatically discharge dust, and the fully enclosed dust collection technology prevents dust from spilling out. The whole process is hands-free, and cleaning the dust box becomes quick and easy. The base station can also store the host, and charge the machine in real time, so it has power any time it is used.

In terms of cleaning, the 300W brushless motor can deeply clean hair, dust and dirt to ensure a clean floor. P7 Plus is also equipped with a 5-stage filtration system, which can finely filter 99.97% of dust, pollen, and mold.

W12 wet and dry vacuum cleaner: popular all over the world

At this exhibition, Redkey also showed the W12 floor scrubber which is popular all over the world. The machine integrates the three functions of vacuuming, mopping, and self-cleaning. It can clean up dry and wet garbage at the same time. It can greatly simplify the cleaning steps and save cleaning time. It is a good helper for cleaning and sanitation.

W12 has strong cleaning power, supports real-time cleaning and one-key self-cleaning, and the weight of the body is only 3.8KG, even the elderly and women can easily lift it.

In the Redkey exhibition hall, visitors can also see the foldable F10 cordless vacuum cleaner and products with different functions such as pet vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaner and electric mop.

The Redkey exhibition hall is located at No. 22D45, Pavilion 2 , Hall 2, and you can see it from the No. 2 gate. Redkey sincerely invites you to come.

As a market innovation expert focusing on deep cleaning, Redkey is committed to providing consumers with simple, efficient and affordable cleaning products.


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