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About Redkey

Redkey is a cutting-edge product creator who dedicated to creating a comfortable and simple life with perfect products.

Redkey will provide customer simple and efficient household cleaning solutions, rather than cumbersome solutions.

The original intention of our product design is to make the handle vacuum cleaner satisfy all the user's imagination and functional requirements as much as possible, and to create an easy-to-use humanized product in an "All-in" way.

Redkey's products can become the most trusted partner in the customer's family. The production technology derived from the world's top 3 factories and the industry's most cutting-edge supply chain integration. Redkey is providing you with high-quality, long-lasting, stable, feature-rich, easy-to-use, high-quality and reliable products.


Select, design and manufacture the best cleaning tools.


Bring the best cost-effective and most comfortable deep cleaning experience.


Customers first, passion and excellence.

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"It has left me thoroughly impressed. This incredible device boasts a powerful suction that effortlessly eliminates dirt and even stubborn pet hair. If you're searching for a wireless vacuum that packs a punch, lasts long, is lightweight, and easy to use, look no further. This wireless vacuum has truly transformed my cleaning routine and made it a pleasure."
"I love this, it gets all the dog hair, dirt and little rice and stuff from my kids. It’s easy to empty and clean, filters are washable and reusable for so long. My only complaint is the battery life, but it does have 3 different suction levels. Still worth it but might by a back up battery. I can get through 3-4 rooms on 1 though."
"I love how lightweight it is and ease of use. It does it’s job. It picks up all dust and debris and it’s great for my after cooking clean up in the kitchen. I don’t know how well it “deep cleans” the dust I don’t rely on it, I’d use steam mop for my deep clean anyway. The battery life is good and comes with various attachments."
This vacuum packs a lot of suction in a featherweight package! It arrived faster than expected, required minimal assembly and we put it to work after 2 hours of charging... What we love about this vac is it's versatility, ease of use and, of course, ample suction. This is no gutless wonder like so many vacuums out there. We are very happy with this purchase!

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